Sunday, April 13, 2014


Emotions and Art

Liza Sylvestre recently led a lesson plan about emotions and art. Each class started with a discussion about emotions - what are the different emotions we feel? How do these emotions show up in artwork? 

Students were exposed to examples of how different artists throughout history have shown emotions through their artwork - either through their subject matter, symbolism, color, or the body language of the figures in their artwork.

Students were asked to make traces of their bodies on large sheets of paper - they were asked to think about how they could use their body shapes to convey an emotion that they wanted to express. 

Then the students had plenty of time to color in their body shapes. Some students included images of things that made them happy, or they used colors that made them feel a certain emotion.

It was pretty cool to see what these young people came up with!

These young ladies drew things inside their traced bodies that they like or that make them happy.

We love how expressive this face is!

We asked this guy why he decided to put a blue circle in the middle of his body. His reply? 
"We talked about how the color blue could represent the feeling 'calm'. And so I made a blue heart because my heart is calm."

Student: "I am trying to think of, if I could reach into my body and pull out my emotions, what would I see?"
Interviewer: "And what do you think?"
Student: "Um, a lot of bright colors. A lot of different shapes...are coming up."
Interviewer: "Pretty cool!"

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